"The LORD preserves the strangers; He relieves the orphan and widow" - Ps 146:9
MOM India
MOM India
MOM India
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Our Building Project
Our Building Project
Ziegenbalg Boys Block
Our Building Project
John Scudder Girls Block
"Special Note of Thanks to all the donors who have contributed their best with which the land has been purchased for facilities to be established for KARUNALAYA Orphanage (Grace Foster Home)".


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MOM India
MOM Foundation
A Regd Public Charity
"Helping Any and Every One in Need"
KARUNALAYA Children Home
… A Special Home wherein the parentless children realize the love, care and affection of a parent in a residential environment.
SONRise Life Center
… A Hope for the Hopeless women who experience social abuse, especially when troubled with pregnancy and infants that are considered unwanted.
Development Project
… Providing Opportunity for jobless and vulnerable youth and women that they may overcome social struggles and they become self-reliant.
through education, empowerment, counseling and guidance
that transform anyone and everyone in need.
Founder's Note
Do something to someone in need in some way that you may be someone different than others. MINISTRY OF MERCY (MOM) has been trying to do something for the betterment of the fellow men, women, aged and infants in need through possible ways.

I, Kasthuri Paulraj, a Registered Nurse by profession, graduated from CMCH – Vellore with State First Rank, though was offered a job in the USA as I cleared all exams, found joy to serve the needy when two needy children were brought by our door seeking help. Indeed, I consider this to be a honor to cause smile on the grief stricken face of a needy child. Rev.David Kirupakaran and his German friends chose to help me when I was a child in need of a supporting hand with regard to my education. What I am today is because of some one’s sacrificial support extended long time ago.

I am blessed to have several friends and well wishers who chose to uphold us in this good work with their cheerful and generous contributions with which we are able to care for children who lack parental care, provide a refuge for women who seek protection, offer young people an opportunity that they might find a way forward and hope for the hopeless elderly in a small way.

All the beneficiaries of our earnest endeavour are happy and I encourage you to make their happiness by becoming a part of this mission to care for the poor and needy. We strive that every beneficiary might be assisted with their physical, emotional and spiritual needs rightly. We do promise our appreciation for your participation with your time, energy and love gift in this ministry of love and compassion. 

With Sincere Thanks
Mrs. Kasthuri Paulraj
Ways You Can be Part of this Mission of Giving Hope to the Hopeless
  • You may come and help as a Volunteer for a day or for a period of time.
  • You may introduce our programs to your friends and family members.
  • You may choose to celebrate your personal and family special events with our children.
  • You may set aside time to visit our campus and the beneficiaries to make them happy.
Ways You Can be Part of this Mission of Giving Hope to the Hopeless
Management Committee
Mrs. KASTHURI PAULRAJ Founder & Managing Trustee
Dr. MALATHI BENJAMIN Trustee and President
Ms. DORCUS Trustee
Ms. VICTORIA Volunteer
Management Committee
Our Mission Partners
Georgetown PRC Life World Community Bethel House India
Donors Attention
Donors Attention Indian (Individuals and Corporate)

MOM (Ministry Of Mercy) has accounts with ICICI AND UBI Banks. Indian Friends from inside / outside the country may transfer the donation into the accounts with ICICI BANKS without any Bank Charges. 

MINISTRY OF MERCY, SB A/C No: 614301013400,
ICICI BANK, Vellore Branch, Officers Line, Krishna Nagar, Vellore 632001, India.  
MICR CODE: 632229002; IFSC CODE: ICIC0006143 
Foreign (Individuals and Corporate)

MOM is permitted by the Indian Government to receive donations from abroad to fulfill its objectives. 

Please feel free to write us for any information with regard to the transfer of your love gifts and funds.

MINISTRY OF MERCY, A/c No. 333001010033127,
UBI Bank, Vellore Branch, Vellore 632004.

BIC / SWIFT Code : UBININBBOMD; IFSC Code: UBIN0533301; MICR Code: 632026002
Branch Code: 53301,  FCRA Registration No: 075980303
Joy of Giving - Around the Year…
“Donate anything and everything for Charity”

(Eg: Cloths, Furniture, Computer, Electricals and Electronic Accessories, construction materials etc)
Please Write to momvellore@gmail.comEmail Us or
Call us at Call Us09443035140 / 0416-2243140

We will come and collect at your door or Drop your gifts at our office @
No.1, 2nd West Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Vellore 632006
FCRA CONTRIBUTION during, October 2018 to March 2019
Name of the Donor
Towards / Project
04 Oct, 2018
Devxchange (BHI), Canada
Children and women's welfare
09 Oct, 2018
Mr.Bowas, Apostolic Church, Ireland
Bore Well Project
06 Nov, 2018
Nancy David, UAE
General Support
09 Nov, 2018
Devxchange (BHI), Canada
Children and Women's Welfare
12 Nov, 2018
Georgetown PRC, MI, USA
Child Sponsorship and Educational Support
15 Nov, 2018
Mrs.Jan, Help A School Foundation, Australia
Child Care and Educational Support
11 Jan, 2019
Georgetown PRC, MI, USA
Child Sponsorship and Educational Support
17 Jan, 2019
Devxchange (BHI), Canada
Child Support and Women's Welfare
21 Jan, 2019
Mr.Suresh, Amirthi
General Contribution
07 Feb, 2019
Devxchange (BHI), Canada
Child Support and Women's Welfare
28 Feb, 2019
Devxchange (BHI), Canada
Child Support and Women's Welfare
14 Mar, 2019
Georgetown PRC, MI, USA
Child Sponsorship and Educational Support

THANK YOU for supporting this good work of Giving Hope to the Hopeless
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